Early Childhood Program
Our early childhood program is designed to introduce your child to the dance environment in a fun and creative atmosphere. The MFM Dance 
Studio has developed a fun and creative preschool dance program. Our preschool teachers have many years of experience working with young 

Wiggle Worms (18 months - 3 years old)

This 45 minutes class is great to get your little wiggle worm moving!  The class will focus on the use of different props to help teach movement such as jumping and stretching.  It also teaches skills such as, how to listen to the teacher/music, waiting in line, and how to meet new friends! Each class will end with a craft!


Preschool (3 & 4 year olds)
This program is designed to introduce your child to the beautiful and exciting world of dance. We teach creative movement, pre-ballet, and tumbling. Children delight in the songs and dance play of this fun and instructive dance program.

Primary Ballet & Tap (5 & 6 year olds)
One hour and fifteen minutes in length, the child studies ballet and tap. This program concentrates on increasing the child’s knowledge of dance movement and terminology.

Youth & Intermediate Training
Ballet ~ The study of ballet begins with a simple barre exercise and center floor technique for the development of body placement, coordination, musicality, flexibility, strength, and poise. Students will then progress to more advanced levels of barre and center including adagio and allegro combinations, turns, and jumps. Proper French terminology is taught in all ballet classes.                

Tap ~ Class content in tap focuses on technique, including barre and center floor exercises. Students then progress to combinations of varied rhythms. Also emphasized is speed and clarity of sound. The study of tap promotes rhythm and coordination and develops expression from head to tapping toes!

Jazz ~ Class consists of warm-up, stretching, isolations, progressions, turns, leaps, combinations, and choreography. Done to various styles of traditional, contemporary jazz music, Broadway, and top 40 hits.                

Hip Hop ~ A funky upbeat class with an aerobic workout offering today's latest dance moves. Class begins with a physical workout to popular music and continues with learning the latest hip-hop steps.

Tumbling ~ This class will help you perfect your tumbling skill such as cartwheels, rollovers (forward and back) Handstands, headstands, roundoffs, front walkover, back walkovers, chin-stands, etc.