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Attendance is very important for all classes. Dance is

a team sport and if a student is consistently absent,

the team cannot progress as a whole.  

Females~ Leotards and tights must be worn to dance


Preschool classes may wear black or pink leotards. 

All others should be in a black leotard. Tan or black

tights may be worn for jazz, hip-hop or tap. Black

shorts or capris may also be worn. Pants that are oversized or fall under your feet are not allowed.

You must have your hair securely tied back away from your face.

Males~ should wear a white tee-shirt and black pants. 

The appropriate shoes must be worn for each class. You cannot dance without shoes for safety reasons. We have a complete line of appropriate dance supplies. Our prices are very competitive and are the required style and color which you will need for the recital.

Watch Weeks
Watch weeks will occur twice a year.  This is where you are allowed to come and observe your child's dance class.  Please see our studio calendar to find these dates.

Waiting Area
Our waiting area is solely for the use of our students.  Only water is allowed in our waiting rooms and dance studios.  Please do not bring food and/or drinks into the studio.

Tuition rates are pro-rated and based on lessons received for a full year but paid on a monthly basis.  There will be 9 payments.  The first payment is due the first class and the balance will be due the first of each month from October - May.  Payments made after the 15th of the month will be charged a $15.00 late fee.  This will be strictly enforced. If tuition falls more than one month behind, please make arrangements with Ms. Danielle at the desk. Operating expenses do not allow for any reduction in tuition due to absences by illness, snow day or family illness.  Tuition is non-refundable.

Costume Payment
Dance Costumes are $75.00 for Preschool 1 classes, $105.00 for Primary (2 in 1 costume), and all other classes will be $85.00. All costumes (minus competition classes) will come with the needed tights for the recital! 

Costume payment is due by December 1st and is non-refundable.

Snow Day Cancellations
The dance studio will close when Somerville Public Schools closes due to snow.  For Saturday cancellations, please check Facebook or Instagram.  You can also call the studio and it will be on our answering machine.


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